How to become a Bzooma Dealer

Step 1 - Contact Bzooma

Complete our online enquiry form and please provide a summary of your proposal or current business.

You can apply as both Bzooma Service Center and Bzooma Dealer or as it best suits you.
We will then send you a username
and password to this website to
complete your application.

Step 2 - Submit Application

When you receive an email from us, return to this site, and enter the username and password provided to login.

When logged in select "Dealer Application Form" and complete the online application.

Once completed we will review
your application and if required
contact you directly.
Login - Submit Application

Step 3 - Select Products

When we process your application, you will be granted an appropriate security level and be able to login to this website to access the dealer shop..

Select the "Dealer Shop" link when loged in.
During the application process
we will talk to you about product
Login - Order Stock

Bzooma Dealer

Electric transport. A good business.

Bzooma… A company with a future. Dealerships are available Nationwide.
Be part of an expanding movement to clean green economical transport.
Bzooma has an excellent product range of, Ebikes, motor scooters, mobility scooters, with many more hi-tech alternative transport products to come as the range is constantly reviewed and expanded.

If you have any doubt that electric vehicles are part of our future please view Clean Disruption Video then return to this this dealer Bzooma site. We in Australia and New Zealand will catch up to Europe and America sooner than many people think.

Make the move. Ask for a trial login to complete a dealer application. If you already have a login, go straight to 'Login'. The first login only permits the completion of the Dealer Application Apply for a Bzooma dealership.

Bzooma Dealer Intro


Bzooma Pty.Ltd. is a wholly Australian–owned company. We market a great range of innovative and top-quality electric vehicles.

We aim to bring you fine quality, low-to-zero emission mobility. All our products are electric, or pedal-electric, and are manufactured in the most modern factories in the world.

eBikes    |   Mobility Scooters    |   Electric Wheelchairs    |   Electric Motorcycles

Clean and Green

Bzooma Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing efficient, low - to - zero emission products. We have ensured that our entire operation is energy efficient and uses renewable energy sources.

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Cost Effective

We only wholesale high quality products and our low overheads are achieved through an efficient business model and application of the latest technology available. This efficiency is passed on to you in the lowest possible prices.

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